Foreign internships

  • more than 11 years of successful experience
  • More than 150 workshops with the involvement of foreign experts
  • our master classes trained 4 500 people
  • more than 200 demonstration operations

Practical training in the workplace is a traditional form of training for medical professionals around the world and has proved its effectiveness in the study of new high-tech treatments


  • Long experience

    Organization of internships using many years of experience of the Center allows us to solve non-standard problems and offer you new knowledge in the optimal time

  • Cooperation experience

    The center has established long-term cooperation with leading clinical and educational institutions of the USA, Japan, South Korea, China, Germany, France, Spain, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Australia, Israel, Russia and other countries.

  • A variety of internship form:

    Practical training in the workplace:

    - with visiting operating room as an observer;

    - with ability to assist in operations;

    - participation in international conferences;

    - group or individual clinic visit.

  • Certificate of international standard

    - A certificate of international standard is issued at the end of the training.

  • Individual approach

    - Selection of a leading clinic in your specialty for internship and development of an effective training program taking Into account your wishes and professional interests.

  • Full support of the training

    - A full package of execution of services to foreign travel: educational program, flight, accommodation, transfer, visa support, medical insurance, food, etc.