Simulation centre. First aid courses

Simulation training is the timely provision of emergency care in various life situations, as well as gaining knowledge and skills through simulation equipment (dummies, ABD models, etc.).

Without proper First Aid, a simple injury could become severe and in some cases fatalities can occur as a result of lack of immediate medical treatment.

The purpose of Educational-Clinical Center "Astana" is to train medical workers and ordinary citizens simple skills to provide professional first aid in emergency situations.

Professional retraining of medical professionals

In recent years, refresher courses of medical and non-medical workers (paramedics) has a great demand. Most sectors of production, construction and other large and small businesses improve their safety knowledge. In the last years training of non-medical workers (paramedics) to provide pre-hospital care is relevant in the country, because timely and proper professional medical care allows to minimize the development of dangerous complications and save a person's life.

The simulation center, presented by Educational-Clinical Centre "Astana", provides training of medical and non-medical workers (paramedics) in emergency care skills. The centre is equipped with the most advanced simulation equipment. And also provides educational services of professional training courses for medical workers on specialized areas.  

The training courses conducted by highly qualified specialists-instructors of the centre, who implement simulation courses to improve skills of doctors and nurses.