TRAINING OF DOCTORS. RETRAINING OF DOCTORS Training of doctors and retraining of doctors

To improve the skills and retraining of doctors are carried out by proven effective methods and training is carried out by professors of the highest academic rank. Training courses for doctors are held in Astana, Almaty and in all cities of Kazakhstan.

At the Educational-Clinical Center "Astana" there are medical refresher and retraining courses of doctors in Astana and in all branches throughout Kazakhstan.

The purpose of training is to improve the skills of doctors on medical matters.

The task of courses: getting participants modern knowledge in the field of medicine, organizational and economic aspects of medical affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The refresher or retraining courses program allows doctors to get acquainted with modern technologies in the field of medical science and management, with the issues of national medical policy, the structure of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Features of training:

- to determine the level of knowledge held input and output test control;

- test is a form of final examination;

- at the end of training will issued certificate of the established sample;

- courses can conducted without interruption from work.

The training program includes lectures and practical parts. Lectures for retraining doctors are given in the classrooms equipped with projection equipment. Practical classes and thematic discussions are held in classrooms, medical offices of health organizations.

Classrooms are equipped with modern devices that significantly increase the efficiency of the educational process. Also, we and our teaching staff are constantly improving the level of teaching and methods of the educational process in order to correspond the trends of the world courses to improve the skills of doctors.

The program of retraining doctors includes the following types of training:

- Master classes;

- Seminars;

- Trainings;

- Internships and practice in real conditions.