Also, the Educational-Clinical Center "Astana" provides training for non-medical workers in first aid. This module is aimed at acquiring knowledge and practical skills of pre-hospital care.

This course is suitable for specialists who do not have medical education, but work in spheres of medicine, for paramedics, and this course is perfect for ordinary people. Most people are faced with various life situations where it is necessary to provide mandatory first aid, at work and not only.

In accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the employer must provide training, meanwhile, employees undergo training courses to provide first aid in any field of production. In the areas of production and other unsafe facilities, all workers, without exception, must be trained in first-aid or medical care.

Educational-Clinical Center "Astana" provides a range of services to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills for workers without medical education. This range of services includes training in Simulation centre which equipped with medical simulation equipment.

The duration of the first aid course is 18 hours for non–medical specialists. You can learn more about the schedule of all courses in the section "Calendar plan 2019".

At the end of the modules of retraining and refresher training of medical workers, as well as courses of medical care will be issued a certifying document of full completion of the courses.

If you want to enroll or learn more about these courses, you can call +7(705) 754-01-70.